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    Partial cargo transportation

    Partial cargo transportation service allows the customer, who does not have a large volume of cargo, to transport small cargo on a regular basis, at a cheaper and faster time. The ability to consolidate (consolidate) partial loads avoids the costs of temporary cargo storage and intermediate transportation, which saves the customer not only money but also his precious time.

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    Full cargo transportation

    Regular full-service (FTL) semi-trailers from Lithuania to Scandinavia, Europe, UK and back to Lithuania. We advise on transport selection and optimal supply chain.

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    Processing of customs formalities and documents

    Preparation of customs documents, representation of economic entities: we prepare and handle all import, export, transit procedures, complete transport documents, CMR waybills in Lithuania and Norway. We have reliable partners in Norway, so we can help you with any import or export formalities in a foreign country.

JSC “Kigis” Routes

International cargo transport
International transportation of partial loads
Transportation of partial loads to Norway
Lithuania - Norway
Cargo logistics
 Kroviniu0173 perveu017eimo u012f Norvegiju0105 paslaugos
 Lietuva - Anglija
Cargo transport into Scandinavia
Pilnų (FTL) krovinių pervežimai
Transportation of selected cargo to Norway
Customs brokerage services

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