Kigis JSC – international cargo transport

Kigis UAB maršrutai

 Kigis JSC is a constantly growing, expanding and satisfying customer service provider.

A team of specialists of concern to the company: professionals with more than fifteen years of experience, true freight forwarding, warehousing, customs clearance specialists who leaflet in all (critical and not just) situations.

With many years of experience, we offer our clients a variety of partial and complete freight logistics services, provide you with any kind of freight forwarding services, betting on all other logistics services.

Freight transport on Scandinavian routes

Our main directions are Norway, Sweden, Denmark, England and Scotland. At the customer’s request we will bring or bring any cargo from any country.

We deliver full and partial cargo to Northern European countries, delivering door to door or terminal cargo.

How do we transport your cargo?

Cargo is transported in 13.6m awnings, big cone 120m3 machines and solid-state semi-trailers. All activities are covered by CMR insurance, machines are less than 5 years old, so we guarantee timely and safe cargo transportation.

Why choose Kigis JSC and why can be your valuable partner?

Careful work, professional approach and logical decisions allow us to make the most optimal decisions, thus satisfying the needs of our clients and successfully developing our business in Lithuania, as well as throughout Europe, England, Norway and other Scandinavian countries.